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The Harry Potter's Grandma LJ Community


Harry Potter's Grandma
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome my lovelies to the only Community on LiveJournal that is dedicated to the worship of Harry Potter's long-lost Grandmother, "Mabel". She is not only Harry's gran, but James's mother as well. I'm sure she made an unmentioned appearance in the Mirror of Erised in book one. But I assure you, she does exist (as is the number one belief of this community).

The Rules:
1. You must believe that Harry Potter's Grandma exists.
2. You must worsip the wrinkled, smelly feet of Harry Potter's Grandma.
3. You must aknowledge that Grandma Potter is still alive and kickin'.
4. You must be insane. No, really.

Other than that...post away!

- shann, your lovely mod